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Portofino Dry Gin

Portofino Dry Gin features 21 ingredients carefully selected for their intense aromatic properties. Juniper, lemon, lavender, rosemary, marjoram, sage, iris, roses – and other local delicacies – are handpicked in our botanical sanctuary on the hills of Portofino.

Produced by an Antique Italian Distillery, each batch of our gin is made using a combination of traditional and innovative methods. 

The Method

We use an ancient Italian copper still historically used to distill local liqueurs and grappas, and a state-of-the-art technology that produces vacuum distillation preserving the most delicate aromas of our precious botanicals.


The Notes

Portofino Dry Gin’s initial notes are from fresh lemon and crisp juniper that transport us to the hills of Portofino. They give way to a universe of Mediterranean flavours: from the rosemary and lavender perfumes of the coastal scrub to the sweet and delicate notes of marjoram and sage that evoke the taste of traditional Ligurian cuisine.

The Bottle

Born from a desire to bring the spirit of the Italian Riviera to the World. The design of the bottle was inspired by Portofino’s picturesque harbor, where colorful houses and green hills decorate the landscape between the sky and the sea.


The Awards

TSM-Medals-gin 1.png

The Gin Masters

Portofino Dry Gin won the Master Medal in this year’s Gin Masters blind-tasting competition – within the Ultra Premium category.


The Gin Masters Asia

Portofino Dry Gin won the Gold Medal in this year’s Gin Masters blind-tasting competition – within the Ultra Premium category.


The Gin Guide Awards

Portofino Dry Gin obtained the highest judging scores within the “Distilled gin” category.


The perfect serve

Floral, tasty and balanced. A classic revisited for an immersive Mediterranean experience.

Experience the spirit of the Italian Riviera wherever you are.

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